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Meeting with remarkable healing

On 21 November 2011
Of the book "Meetings with remarkable healing" May 17, 2010.

Author: Alexandre GRIGORIANTZ
Genre: Novel (420 pages)
About the Author: Alexandre Grigoriantz: After more than twenty five years spent abroad, in Tunisia, Iran, Colombia, Czech Republic and Russia (site: www.grigoriantz.com) now lives in Cannes , his hometown. He is the author of a dozen historical and ethnographic works on the Caucasus, China, southern Tunisia, companionship and healers. Since the publication of his book We are all healers, Alpheus appeared in 2006, he devoted himself to studying the phenomena of healing and altered states of consciousness.

Content of the book: authentic testimony of nine great healers enjoying an excellent reputation, which had until then refused to confide in investigators, journalists and writers.
Testimony complete their journey, the origin of their gift, their working methods, their successes, they feel happiness to alleviate the suffering of others, but also their difficulties with the lack of understanding of the medical and society in general.

His previous book We are all healers, which has given him a certain reputation in the community of healers, this author was able to win the sympathy of many of them among the most famous in France. Through the friendships he forged with them, for the first time a writer was able to gather testimony from nine major healers who agreed to talk to him and to testify fully.

By using their testimony, the author demonstrates residual they all operate according to the same process which he presents his own interpretation. According to him, and all are guided in a magnetic draw their energy source, "psi field", carrying information associated with waves and particles as well as other fields that we already know, plus connection with "universal intelligence" according to one or "god" according to others.

Audience: All public and customers of the many hypnotists practicing in France and abroad, all age groups interested in the phenomena of healing through alternative therapies, for dowsing and parapsychology. Also part of the medical and nursing staff in hospitals should also be interested in this book.
Strengths: Testimonies authentic and rare, and major overlap suitable for reflection.

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