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Energy Healing for Animals

Didier Traullé

A photograph (15x10) of the animal (pets, horses, farm, zoo animals, ...)is to be sent by post or email.
Join name, date of birth, brief description of the pathology to the picture.
The success rate rises to 75% (a bit more than for human beings).

By directing energy either through the hands on body or through the brain on picture I seek to supplement the depleted energy of the recipient and release the body's own recuperative abilities.

Pour y parvenir, il vous suffit de vous rendre dans la partie :

Online Consultation

or by mail at without forget to attach the picture.

I start work as soon as payment is received, whether 30 €, by check or cash (A payment by treatedanimal).

You can contact me at 06 64 90 34 63 or by the contact form of my web site for more information.
Send me an SMS and I will call back after 7H PM.

By transfer my energy to the patient by applying the hands on the body or my power of concentration on the photo, I can manage to fill the deficiency of energy at the origin of the disease and thus free up capacity for recovery.

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