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Who am I ?

Didier Traullé

I was born on 11th March 1956 in Compiègne in France (dpt Oise). My parents moved to Anzin (in Northern France).

I got married in 1977. I have two sons (born in 78 and 82), a granddaughter born in 2006.

I controlled the technical service of a firm making and selling alarm systems until 1999.
In the same year a slipped disk paralysed me. I was operated without any great success.
I then survived a double pulmonary embolism.

I was lying for 3 years coming to grips with excruciating pain. It was a real psychological shock.
I was asking myself lots of questions.
What was I going to do lying all day long on my bed?
What was the meaning of such a break in my active life?
I felt miserable.
But while suffering I experimented trancing and my healing power in using magnetism and digitopuncture.
Was I given a mission dedicated to helping people in need of care?
I started using that gift to ease people's pain in my close circle. I rapidly devoted all my time to exercising my gift.

On 27th December 2003 I was still wondering whether I was on the right track.
I was meditating in the Cathedral of Strasbourg expecting some sign from my Creator.
I left the cathedral at 7.15 PM. The cathedral bells pealed out. I could feel my whole being vibrating to the beat of the bells sound.
My whole body was suddenly overcome with a column of energy that had flown down through my head. Thirty seconds of bliss! The chief existential question I had been haunted by before had just found its answer. The sense of my mission was clear. From that precise moment I have known I had to devote my life to curing and healing.
I interpreted it like an obvious sign and from that time I have made mine my duty to help people.

I know the more you apply that gift the more you master it.
I hold myself for an instrument.
Energy, that vital power, channels through me and I transfer it.
The magnetizer's healing is accomplished by strengthening the centres of power in the sick person's body. The lines of force regain their balance. His own qualities may produce greater success in healing some kinds of diseases than others.
When healed the healee has to thank our Creator. It is not even a question of Belief. It is energy transmission.

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