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Didier Traullé : healer, magnetizer, massage therapist

Harmony healing, healing touch, sound healing, lythotherapy

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Didier Traullé. This site gives details of the healing practice I provide from Vicq in the department Nord / Pas-de-Calais in France.

If you find this site of interest, please bookmark it, add it to your favourites so that you may return from time to time and read the new pages. Do not hesitate in recommending it to friends.

How it happened to me:

Didier Traullé

Three years long I had to keep lying recovering from an operation .
Some intuitive awareness of my innate gift for healing grew up.

I did not immediately evaluate the force of my own magnetism power and so doing of my healing touch while I was going into a trance.

Who am I ?