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Tibetan bowls - gong

Tibetan Bowls are tremendous unknown instruments.

I use them in two different ways :
- either directly on body, the bowl vibrations working by micro-massage
- or in low frequency resonance in order to re-harmonize cells.

Chao gong

The unrecognized power of that instrument is extraordinary.
Low frequency has a penetrating effect the particularity of which unblocks stress.
 As one might say it looks like the flow of a tsunami that carries away all the body tensions.
I use it after a relaxation session accompanied by Tibetan Bowls.

In order to reach its highest point a healing session by sound vibration requires that you lose your hold, you let your body express itself, keep listening to your senses, avoid creating blockage points.

Two kinds of reactions may be noticed :

The first one :
The sound can be a gateway to other realms. It works as waking self-hypnosis that allows astral travels. Space-time no longer exists. A several minutes’ journey may look like lasting a few hours, days…

Some actual experiences:

  - Somebody lived one’s birth again through his warm smooth mother’s belly.
  - A lady followed Christ’s Way of the Cross and attended his crucifixion.

That is not a question of « making one’s own film » but you are an integral part of some scenery, you feel, you smell, you experience all sorts of sensations, you take part in the events, you are really on the spot.
Such travels remain graven in memory. They differ from dreams which are forgotten.

The second one:
It may be liberating. Some people who have suffered psychological violence (death, love split-up, rape, accident…) feel deeply upset.
Going into trance thanks to healing sound will help them evacuate evil. They relive painful past scenes. So they can get rid of the problem and give their traumatism as lost.
It is the same for those who feel inhabited by “strange entities “. Going into trance has the effect of dismissing «squatting spirits » from mind and body. They go through a bad time but
they struggle for a good fight

The Tibetan Singing Bowls

Singing bowls were traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Bön and Tantric Buddhist practice.They even go back to the Age of Bronze. Coming from Far East via Mongolia they would have been introduced into Tibet by wandering smiths who were shamanism adepts. Nowadays they are manufactured in Nepal, India, Tibet. The best known  types  are from the Himalayan region and are often termed Tibetan singing bowls.

Traditionally singing bowls were made of an alloy of seven metals representing seven planets of our Solar system: gold (Sun), silver (Moon), mercury (Mercury), copper (Venus), iron (Mars), tin (Jupiter), lead (Saturn). The legend says iron might have come from the sky –the so-called sky-iron - it would have come from meteorites picked up in Himalaya.
Traditional craftsmen do still making bowls in traditional manners. They keep their trade secret jealously. The manufacturing techniques for making singing bowls are different according their origin. The Tibetan ones are rich in silver and tin whereas the Nepalese ones which include more copper have got a pale brass colour.
The manufacturing technique consists in hand-hammering a metal plate on a form that leaves marks on the periphery.

Today Singing Bowls are used as a good support for relaxation, meditation,  trance induction. They are employed in an interesting way to treat some health problems as well.
The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce overtones and a continuous singing sound that penetrate the body. The multiple subtle harmonic frequencies going through cells act as some deep inner massage and re-harmonize the whole body.

The Vibrating Chant of the Singing Tibetan Bowls

While listening to the remarkable sounds of Tibetan Bowls lots of people feel deeply moved. That feeling is less powerful when recorded. In fact it can be fully experienced only as part of energy-giving healthcare.

The sound and the vibration produced by the bowl brings you into some expanding environment and so doing procures  a feeling of deep peace.

Such an experience  cannot be explained by some mere belief or the product of imagination as so many people who have never experimented the phenomenon by themselves might think wrongly.

The feeling of well-being that follows from that acoustic resonance “bath” is not only the effect of relaxation.  But how is it possible then?

We know water is an ideal vector for vibrations.  Water memory can be demonstrated by filling a singing bowl with water, producing sounds with  the bowl until the water begins to vibrate, stopping and letting the water to rest, and the re-starting the same procedure: the water will pick up the same vibration much faster than the previous attempt. When striking the bowl you can perceive the surrounding air is vibrating as well. The people who have never heard those overtones, who have no idea of what those vibrations are, can feel them by placing their hands on the bowl.

Powerful vibrations quickly flow into the whole body, which is composed of 80% water.  It works as a subtle inner massage of all the cells. Physiotherapists use that type of inner message by means of ultrasonic frequencies.

Vibrations and electromagnetic waves

When human body is studied from its electromagnetic angle it must be admitted it is an emitter of vibrations and wavelengths. When a sane organ is well tuned it vibrates according to its own frequency whereas the frequency of an ill organ is out of tune.

The measure of electromagnetic waves of the brain has shown that it produces different wavelengths easy to be identified, each one being linked with a specific state of consciousness.

We know that a brain which functions normally emits “Beta” waves when “Alpha” waves are emitted while meditating or relaxing deeply.
“Theta” waves are emitted during semi-sleep whereas “Delta” waves are emitted during deep sleep.

Similar waves

It is also possible to measure the waves of the Singing Bowls. It has so been verified that all the singing bowls, though all different, produce a schema of waves equivalent to Alpha waves emitted by brain.

So, it is easy for us to understand how those instruments produce sounds which are relaxing, meditative and cosmic. In a healing sense they can be used to unblock unharmonious vibrations and open an inner space by getting resonant with the different parts of the body. In a meditative sense they can be gateways to other realms.

When vibrations get into mutual resonance

One of the particular effects of sounds used in healthcare is linked to the natural tendency proper to objects, the movements of which are nearly similar, that consists in moving in a totally synchronous way.
In the 17th century the scientist Christian Huygens had already noticed that two pendulums hanging side by side ended up balancing at the same rate. That phenomenon is called “collective arrangement of phases” or synchronization.
Tibetan bowls, like gongs or tingshas recreate the original harmonic frequency. They stimulate body so that it may find back its own harmonic frequency bringing him in resonance with the frequency of the bowl. When it is synchronized it can vibrate in an independent mode.
Being stimulated by the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl, the body can then re-synchronize itself with its own frequency and get again resonant with subtle entities.
When physical body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony they are ready for some expanding work of consciousness under therapist’s surveillance in order to be reconnected to Inner Unity in the Wholeness of Being.

The Tibetan Singing Bowls, yet some hundreds of years old, are instruments from another culture and era now being revived as magical tools for transformation of self, of body and of matter. Moreover they may bring some people to travel in old and future times..

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