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Dis, c'est quoi un guérisseur ? C'est une belle histoire, je vais te la raconter...

Il était entré avec des cannes
Une heure plus tard,
Il dansait le charleston...


I wanted to write this book to show my life as a healer, to share my thoughts, recount the extraordinary encounters with the people I helped, relieved and sometimes cured. This is a fantastic adventure. Although I have made ??my main activity is not a profession but a vocation.

Nothing is more wonderful than being able to alleviate the suffering of his neighbor, whether physical or psychological.

You will find the story of my journey and the many anecdotes describing the healing that I made.

It is a story of 170 pages organized in chapters that can be read in any order.

I wanted to distribute this book via the web for download, which I will in the coming months to inform you of my new friends and expand the book of my new experiences.

You can distribute this book to your friends and loved ones. If available for download on my site, € 5 is accessible to all. If you make a copy, I will keep you not mind, the key is to convey ideas.


5,00 €TTC