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Digitopuncture (acupuncture without needles)  which has been practiced for more than 3,000years, represents an efficacious means of healing.
The advantages of that method are numerous:
To be a powerful digitopuncture therapist  you ought not to have special tools, needles or drugs, only your hands.
Digitopuncture cannot  have  harmful secondary effects on health even in case of inadequate treatment.

Being  inspired by traditional Far Eastern medicine it consists in pressing or massaging one or several points on the body with the tip of one finger so that the lines of force regain their balance.
Just as acupuncture (which needs needles) it bases itself on the idea that physical or psychic illness is caused by obstacles to free flow of vital energy through thousands of channels in our bodies.
Stimulating precise points overcomes these obstacles, restores flow and restores health.
As any technique that has not been the subject of deep scientific research, this one has got detractors as well as supporters. According to the latter it may attenuate troubles just as various  as anxiety, stress, momentary tiredness, digestive laziness, stiffness…

That healing system may act on different levels  (what implies slightly various techniques of pressure):

Séance de digipuncture

 - Harmonizing which regularizes the energy of the point being pressed according to the need of the body
- Toning up which stimulates body functions
- Spreading which calms pain and relaxes the nervous system

It often happens that just stimulating points of acupuncture can correct imbalances of energy of cells, organs and total body.

Efficacy of digipuncture does not restrict itself to relieving pain but is able to restore a sick organ (e.g. digestive problems) to health.
That technique bases itself upon the Chinese  medicine theoretical  framework of the acupuncture channels (fourteen main channels) through which chi (qi) flows in a continuous circuit.
Those meridians are related to specific vital organs.
The theory of channels interrelated with the main internal organs explains that pressing one’s finger tip  for example on some points of the foot can tone up some organ as distant as liver.

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